Saturday, March 30, 2013

Sweet Potato Stand

Bought some delicious, crispy roasted sweet potatoes from a simple and cute stand outside a Korean supermarket after lunch!

Actually followed through with out plans and met up with the college group outside of campus during our spring break! Had a spontaneous day of no plans and driving from place to place for some explorations, laughter, silliness, and adventures. (And outfit photos outside for once)!

My tofu vegetarian hot pot.

Roomie's bibimbap. And our matching side dishes.

Floormate's dukbokki.

Friend's Japanese meal. With a mountain of rice.

Photo Credits: G. Tam

Oxford top: Old Navy || Cardigan: Old Navy || Velvet leggings: H&M || Sneakers: Forever 21 || 
Socks: H&M || Watch: Target || Rings: Local flea market || Earrings: gift

Park escapade, sight seeing, spontaneous photoshoots.

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