Saturday, March 9, 2013

Reduce Reuse Recycle

One of the many reasons I love my school. Purchased these materials for one dollar. Decided to buy another bag. Read on to find out what this sale was, what I purchased, and how I plan to utilize them.

The school I attend is very big on sustainability and helping the environment. This notion of helping the Earth one step at a time is so big on campus, one of the Design professors started a little store on campus to sell others' knick knacks as materials that can be reused or upcycled. 

I found the store very inspiring and influential in getting my creative juices going after visiting. I decided to go see what I could purchase during their special week long sale where you can fill their grab bag with grab bag items for just a dollar. 

What attracted me the most were the bins of wooden paint color samples, photo slides, and multiple bins of fabric swatches.

I was interested in finding out more on what these photo slides were, and once I got my hands sifting through the bins of photo slides, I was immediately hooked. There are infinite ways to reuse these slides, I just have to figure out what I want to do. Several ideas flew threw my mind as I was searching through to find what I thought were interesting and captivating images. Below are just a few of my favorite images that just popped out at me.

As you all have seen in my recent posts, I have been obsessed over my new DIY hair bow. Last night, I decided to create one for my friend using a white, glittery, stiff material and another one for myself using a carpet velvet-like material. I had bought one stuffed bag on Wednesday, and after showing my roommate my treasures, she wanted one too but didn't have time so I offered to shop for her (of course she paid me back). 

As I was sifting through the fabric swatch bins for more scrapbook, paper-like materials (most likely wall paper swatches or other odd material), I decided to just buy another bag filled with more fabric materials (since last time the majority of my purchase was towards stiffer, potential scrapbook material). Super excited to post up what I do with my unique, one-of-a-kind materials. As a future designer (whether it be in Visual Communications, Fashion, Interior, or Exhibition), I need to keep the idea of sustainability in mind as it is an important aspect in all areas of design. This will just be a mini training ground to test my creativity using used materials. Challenge accepted.

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