Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Foodie Day

The first night coming back from school, I got to hang out with family and visit friends. Supported a good friend in his first performance at a pizza parlor!

After church, went out to the mall with Mom and sis.


Trying on a pair of cropped sweat pants, perfect for spring weather or to dress down a very formal outfit (it perfectly went with the top half of my outfit I had on that day). A haul post will be up soon!

Chipotle lunch before shopping all day.

Changed into a more comfortable, dressed down outfit before dinner with the whole family. Decided to wear my favorite new addition to the wardrobe...velvet leggings. Shoes were white high-top sneakers courtesy of my sister, with above-the-ankle white socks.


...and After.

Ended the night in a little cafe/froyo/bakery with a sweet pastry that was AMAZINGLY rich and delicious. Left the gelato for everyone else because I can't handle dairy! Perfect, sweet way to end the first day back from school, with the family.

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