Monday, March 11, 2013

Costumes Volunteer

Yesterday, after several missed practices, I miraculously found time to go back to help out the preparation for my school's Filipino cultural event coming in a few months. There was no choir practice today, but I wanted to show some support while I waited for another meeting that night. I walked in to help out with costumes, thinking that would be fun. I walked in to find the really friendly and kind Head of Costumes. I was given the assignment to cut out patterns for sleeves of the cultural dresses she would be eventually sewing. Since I recently sewed hair bows after a long time of not sewing, it was nice to handle various types of fabric again. To see that the talented girl, who was also interested in Design, was going to make many of the costumes was quite inspirational and commendable. Even for someone who is not of the same race as what the cultural event is aimed at, she showed extreme support in helping out anyway she could. That day inspired me to want to take a few classes in Fashion Design in future quarters due to my increased interest in the fashion industry, aesthetics, and design in general. Learning in this school has made me want to just be well rounded in my knowledge of design in general. It excites me of all the possibilities of where my education can lead me in the future. 

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