Thursday, March 26, 2015

If You Can Believe It, You Can Thrift It

March 5, 2015
PC: G.T.
I whipped this outfit up to go along with my Writing Across Media class. I had a group presentation on a subgroup of Technoculture, and we were the Fashion group. I actually wanted to avoid that group and sign up for Photography or Film, because I wanted to explore a topic I haven't explored as much (not saying I'm a fashion expert or anything). But I just switched over because we needed a minimum amount of group members. Funny how that worked, because I loved our end presentation. It was experimental, meaningful, and creative. 

Thanks to group discussions, I was inspired to present the topic of Sustainable Fashion (thrifting, free boxes) and the Slow Fashion Movement. And to make a point, one of the aspects of my portion of the presentation was to dress up. And not just to look fashionable but to dress up and ensure that everything I was wearing, from top to bottom, was all thrifted or purchased second-hand. And yes, my turtleneck, lace kimono, Mango black jeans, and Jeffrey Campbell shoes were all bought at a thrift store or purchased pre-owned (except I forgot to take off my watch, which to clarify, is not thrifted/pre-owned. But I'm sure you can just as well thrift a beautiful watch for a fraction of the price). 

Just goes to show you can still dress up and feel like a million bucks, while being sustainable and not breaking the bank.

Check out the rest of this post for outfit details. 


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