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C.C.S. - Paperphlox

Content Creator Spotlight
Why Them?
I randomly came upon their Instagram account and was instantly drawn by their minimalist, chic style. Which of course, made me go through their Instagram feed for several more minutes than intended. I noticed they were from the Bay and even had a Youtube channel, which was even more exciting, so of course I checked it out. Wow. Chantel and Elisa seem to put together basic pieces for their outfit lookbooks  but have elevated the minimalist look to compete with the chic and the fashionable. Or maybe their style is what I've been into lately - minimalistic, basic pieces, neutral color palette, effortlessly chic. Nonetheless, they are quite the fashionable and creative duo, and their friendship is great to witness on screen. Oh, and their thrift finds? ABSOLUTELY ADORE AND ENVY. 

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Check 'em out in my interview below and get to know the duo known as PaperPhlox. 
Names: Chantel Tumang & Elisa Basa
Nickname: We wish we had cool nicknames!
Blog/Vlog: Instagram: @paperphlox, Vlog: YouTube.com/PaperPhlox
Ages: We're both 20!
Colleges: We're both college students in the Bay Area, California
Jobs: Chantel works at American Apparel
Country: California, USA

1. What made you decide to showcase your love of fashion with the rest of the world by creating a fashion vlog?

The two of us have always been inspired by so many fashion bloggers, YouTubers, Instagrammers, and the like. We love how fashion encourages individuals to express themselves and how it promotes uniqueness. We thought that being able to share with the world what we have to offer in terms of fashion could not only inspire others in how they dress, but support others in their individuality.

2. How did you start and what made you decide to create a co-partner fashion channel on Youtube?

The two of us have been into trends and fashion for a super long time, as well as avid fans of fashion icons. All our fashion sharing and information was done with each other, and we always encouraged each other's style and shared a common love through styling. Since we've been best friends since we were 10 and both love fashion so much, we decided to one day start a fashion Instagram, which turned into our current YouTube channel, also!
3. Any tips or advice on becoming a fashionista without breaking the bank?

Elisa: Go thrifting & periodically clean out your closet to find clothes you can resell! Also, make sure not to buy things on impulse. It's hard at first, but what helped me was to put anything back that I was second guessing. 

Chantel: Top brands always have great things on sale, such as Asos, Nasty Gal, and Zara. I always sift through the sale section of many websites and always find good stuff! Thrifting is always a big yes, and like Elisa said, try to only buy stuff you know you'll really love/wear.
4. What are your opinions on the growing trend of “thrifting”?

Elisa: I love that it's becoming more mainstream! I've been into thrifting since I was a freshman in high school and still have pieces from back then that I still wear now. Thrifting is a great way of allowing people to develop their own unique sense of style because there aren't mannequins showing off all the current trends. In addition, when you shop at places like Goodwill and Salvation Army, you can be rest assured that your money is going towards a good cause. It's also cheap, which is an obvious bonus!

Chantel: I am a huge supporter of thrifting because of how beneficial it is for everyone. The shopper saves money while picking up great brands, most thrift shops donate their profits to charity, and old clothes aren't wasted. It's great to know that thrifting is growing, because I feel that so many people can truly enjoy it if they gave it a shot.
5. Any advice on those starting out their fashion vlogging careers?

Elisa: Go for it! There'll be a lot of bumps along the way and you won't be able to please everyone, but don't give up! Above all, make sure you do it because YOU want to, not for the attention or possible benefits. Sure, having others acknowledge you and look up to you is always a plus, but that will only get you so far. 

Chantel: Believe in yourself! A lot of people, including us, were nervous about starting things like this. Just always think to yourself that you don't care what anyone thinks and you do this because you truly love it! If you ever need inspiration on beginning fashion vlogs, there's tons of inspiration out there. Also, don't be afraid to network with other fashion vloggers by asking them questions or talking to them in general!
6. What are your favorite go-to beauty products? Favorite staple wardrobe pieces?

Elisa: For beauty, definitely lipstick and BB cream! As for staple wardrobe pieces, my favorites would have to be black skinnies, ankle boots, and slouchy tees (:

Chantel: Go-to beauty products are a great eyebrow pencil, good coverage BB cream, and some cute lipstick! Fave staples would include comfy sweaters, black ankle boots, and high-waisted jeans.
7. What can you say to those who are bullied and made fun of for having their own eccentric and unique sense of style?

Elisa: Those who mind don't matter and those who matter don't mind. Keep your head up and do what you love! They're just jealous that they're not nearly as stylin' as you are (; Also, never be scared to reach out to others for help or support. You're never alone! <3

Chantel: As Elisa always tells me: "Do you, boo boo!" You are so special and unique and sharing your sense of style is a benefit to the fashion world and others. To showcase your style to the world is so commendable and takes tons of hard work, and because of that, you are immediately miles above anyone who would make fun of you!
8. What are your future goals, dreams, and aspirations, whether fashion-related or not?

Elisa: After school, I hope to be a pharmacist based in/near San Francisco with my own quirky abode that I love coming home to. I also definitely want a family and kids, but before that I'm making it a goal to travel as much as I can! 

Chantel: Career-wise, I would love to go into a career in the Finance industry. I also want to travel to as many countries as I can in my twenties, and further down the line, start a family. :)
9. Thoughts on the importance of being educated as well as being fashionable? Can only be one or the other? Important to be both?

Elisa: Personally, I think it's important to be both. I support the idea of going to college and getting a degree, but past that I believe an individual has the right to choose whatever path he/she wants. I just don't think a person's 'passion for fashion' should stop he/she from exploring things like education when they still have the opportunity to, and vice versa. 

Chantel: It's definitely important to be both in my opinion. Getting an education, as well as a degree, I think has priority because it'll give you a bunch of options later on. But after doing schoolwork or finishing school, I also totally support the idea that anyone can do what they want, as long as it's positive and healthy for them and others around them.
10. Who are your fashion influences? Any fashion bloggers/vloggers included? 

Elisa: Most of my fashion influence comes from magazines, especially ViVi! I have really old ones from 2010/2011 that I still look at today. If I had to choose an actual person, then it would definitely be Amy Pham from The Platform. I'd wear practically everything that she puts together!

Chantel: Fashion influences definitely come from fashion bloggers, YouTubers, and Instagrammers! My faves include Rumi Neely from Fashion Toast, Jenn Im from clothesencounters, and Luanna from Le Happy. Not going to lie, I also gets tons of inspiration style-wise from outfits that models are wearing on websites while I'm shopping online, haha. :)

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