Thursday, August 22, 2013

Million Dollar Bills

July 23, 2013

Eventful day, after an educational class of sociology.

[1] Shopping with Mom and Sister after my class. Ended up purchasing this dress, which my sister referred to as, "like Kate Middleton".
[2] Took a while in the store, so we stopped by In-N-Out for a very late lunch.
[3] Ended up finding out that we would all be going to TGIF for dinner (to use a gift card I received for a birthday present).
      >>Parents shared a chicken/mashed potato dish and a flatbread pizza.
      >>Sister and I shared three samplers.
      >>We all shared the ice cream and cake dessert.

Ended up being an enjoyable, family bonding event. These little moments should be treasured and remembered, and not taken for granted. As I am going back to college in about a month, going through these blog posts make me glad that I record these moments that in the past, I would have disregarded as just "any other random family outing".

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