Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Art for the Heart

July 16, 2013

Never considered myself a painter. Being more of a drawer, I stick to the safe pencil and paper (and when I'm feeling courageous, colored pencils with different textured paper). However, my cousin, who is skilled at painting, left a whole bunch of painting supplies at our house when he visited from the Philippines two years ago.

I never brought myself to try painting, but with nothing to do this summer, I decided to brave up and fill the new canvasses I found at Ross. I figured I might as well create some decorative pieces for my side of the room in my new apartment come the new school year. Tried out some ideas, and the end results turned out, well, you can decide for yourself.

Randomly wanted to sketch out a skeletal hand on my sister's hand. Didn't finish the whole hand because she said she would wash it off right after anyway. Oh well, turned out interesting enough.

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