Friday, August 23, 2013


August 17, 2013

 Blessed day out with the family. Looking back, this will probably be just "one of those days", but a family outing is time that I cherish every minute of. 
A fun-filled day with loved ones.
[1] Nordstrom Rack - ended up finding a treasure piece to my wardrobe
[2] Ikea - ended up spending most of our time on lunch than on browsing
[3] Mall - birthday gift shopping, but ended up (thanks to my sister's watchful eye) with a great knit sweater
[4] Movies - watched Jobs ; actually enjoyed most of the movie, despite most of it being fictitious, for its focus on innovation, creativity, ambition, and aspirations
                  - after the movie, wandered around the theater a bit, and ended up leaving with free goodies, such as Smurf balloons, a We're the Millers window sticker, and a Jobs promotional poster
Can not wait to see JGL's directorial debut in his newest film Don Jon. Saw the trailer, and am absolutely excited to see how he acts out this eccentric character.

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