Monday, January 5, 2015

Kicking off Winter Break 2014

My new "manatea" tea infuser from my housemate secret santa gift exchange ^_^

This winter break was quite chaotic, full of traveling and sightseeing to tour my family visiting from the Philippines. But my "first" unofficial week of winter break (most of my final exams were take-home tests, so I was able to go home a week early) was just chilling at home and hanging with friends before I went off on my road trip. 

Chai tea lattes are my go-to favorite drink, whether hot or cold. I got to use my new mason jar mug from my board member's secret santa gift exchange, and it's perfect because it has measure marks on the side so I can more accurately pour in equal parts soy milk and chai tea. 
Burned some candles while working on my exams in my room. Smells of a coffee shop make me feel cozy and put me at ease during this cold winter. 
My sister's 6-months-late-birthday-gift. Thanks girl (still waiting on that last part...still can't believe this was a multi-part gift).
The mall was a place I ended up being for the majority of my vacation (unfortunately, since I hate crowded places).
I was able to hang out with one of my besties. With some rescheduling, we ended up not planning our day. We ended up doing some "bae-sic" things, but with our flair. So yes, we went to get milkshakes (lactose free for me), stop by a Christmas exhibit/park, dinner, and a movie + critique on "The Imitation Game". 
Thanks Frances of @ohhhfrances on Youtube for your Christmas card ^_^

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