Thursday, January 8, 2015

Joyous Journeys: Disneyland

December 28-29, 2014
"The happiest place-", yeah you get it. It's rare when I go to Disneyland and can still remember most of the experience. I don't know if this, my interest and analytical views of films, or my sociology class on pop culture, ruined the "magic". Either way, Disneyland is still fun with the right people, and can provide different experiences at different moments in life. I actually let go and rode rides when I typically just sit back and watch or experience exhibits and shows. Read on to satisfy your Disney-cravings. 

Photo credits: A.B.
Flannel: thrifted || Vest: thrifted || Jeans: Levi's || Shoes: Dr. Martens || Scarf: NY&Co.
Photo credits: A.B.
Photo credits. A.B.
Top: thrifted || Flannel: thrifted || Jeans: Old Navy || Shoes: Dr. Martens
The travel outfit, heading to Anaheim. 
I still have not seen this film. 
These lines and hordes of people were not cute. 
Thank you obscure, hidden-by-shadows quote inside the Buzz Lightyear ride/game line area.
Photo credits: A.B.
Lunch break. 
Photo credits: V.L.
Despite waiting in line for Space Mountain twice, for over two hours, waiting out 3-4 "temporary ride maintenance", and my killer aching feet, the day was fun bonding with my cousins I rarely see. Ended the night with good ol' trusty IHOP. 

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