Monday, December 8, 2014

South Bay Bloggers September Meetup

September 20, 2014
Photo credits: Kate Amunrud
Top: H&M || Kimono: Philippines || Skirt: Topshop || Shoes: Nine West || Necklace: festival

This past September, I was able to meet up with some of the lovely ladies of South Bay Bloggers to get to know the new members and catch up on what has been happening with our respective lives. Like the last time, I was extremely anxious and worried about what I was going to wear, how to present myself, what I was going to say, if I would make a fool of myself, etc. that I almost backed out due to nerves. But no, I told myself whether this would be a waste of time or not, I knew I would regret it if I missed this meet up. And I am so glad I went. Read on to check out how the day went!

We all agreed upon meeting up for brunch, and it was a small number of us but it was a nice way to get to know each other more intimately than a huge crowd of fashion bloggers at an event. My eyes were opened to the world of serious blogging and reminded me to only put the best content out there and be true to my personal taste, as well as not give in for free advertising just to blog about free products. I also realized I need to think seriously about investing in business cards...It was a wonderful experience and I hope to continue to meetup with more bloggers soon!

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