Thursday, November 13, 2014

Influenster: Dean's VoxBox

About a month ago, I received my first Influenster VoxBox! I'm new to this, but I discovered that Influenster is a place for bloggers to review products that are sent to them for free, but these bloggers must be eligible for that certain box. As a college student, it was appropriate to have received the "Dean's List" VoxBox, filled with loads of goodies that are apparently appropriate for a college care package. Read on for more about each goodie!
In this VoxBox I received:

Softlips Cube in Vanilla
Pilot FriXion Clicker in blue and black
Sinful Colors No Text Red nail polish
Kiss Looks So Natural Lashes
AirHeads Bites
Luden's Watermelon Throat Drops
Playtex Sport Fresh Balance tampons
The Softlips Cube 5 in 1 Lip Care was exciting to see, because I am always on the lookout for good lip care and I have lip balms divided between my backpack, purses, and desk. As a kid, I was always bad with preventing chapped lips that it got so bad it would burn. I guess I was traumatized enough that now I have to have lip balm with me at all times! This lip balm in particular had a pleasant, vanilla scent when I first twisted it open. I usually steer clear of such strongly scented lip balms, especially of the sugary nature, but this didn't have that overbearing, obviously over the top artificial vanilla scent many pre-teen lip products have. So scent is definitely important for me. Next, I glided the product over my lips, and it wasn't too greasy or sticky, and was smaller than the huge EOS lip balms. I could feel it immediately moisturizing, but compared to the EOS lip balm, I personally did not feel that the Softlips Cube was long lasting in maintaining moisture. It may have lasted at most two hours before I needed to reapply. Maybe next time I should apply it with several layers, but the first few times I tried this, I probably swiped it on twice.  
The next product is the Kiss Looks So Natural Lashes. I have never applied false lashes on myself or on anyone else in my life, so how appropriate that I had the chance to try them out during my sister's homecoming dance! Since both my sister and I have no experience with applying false lashes (except for all the memories I had from watching Youtube Makeup gurus apply them), I just dove right in. Once applied on her, the lashes appeared to have a clean, neat, uniform look to them and did not overpower her face, but enhanced her eyes. Unfortunately, either the included lash glue was not strong enough or we just did not know how to apply them, but some parts of the lashes would not stick to her eyelids. Maybe with more experience, this whole lash debacle will never happen again!
This product is probably one of my favorites because I love it when pens can just glide on my paper and give a smooth, crisp look to my words. And if I make a mistake? With these pens, I can just erase them! These pens have a gel-pen-like consistency, and with their "erasers", you use friction to remove any mistakes!
I love me a bright, bold, red nail polish! And a nail polish with a campaign to save lives? I would definitely promote such a product. Sinful Colors has this campaign, promoted with this nail polish, to bring awareness of the dangers of texting while driving, hence the "No Text Red" campaign slogan!
(Excuse the sloppy manicure job, but the polish did apply smoothly and I needed no more than two coats)!
This last product I will review is the Airheads Bites. I'm not much of a candy/sweets person anymore. Ever since I had to wear braces, I just stayed away from sweets. Now that I'm a savory person, I'd choose garlic fries over cake anyway. But I did try these Airhead Bites out of curiosity, and they surprisingly tasted just like the regular Airhead strips that I used to eat as a kid, just in spherical form. 

And…that's about it for the reviews (I didn't get a chance to try the cough drops because I'm currently not sick so I can't test their effectiveness. I also didn't try the tampons, just because I'm more of a pads girl)! Until the next blog post ~
Note: This blog post was sponsored by Influenster.

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