Monday, November 17, 2014

BrandBacker: Old Factory Candle

A few days ago I received a set of candles from the company Old Factory. I was able to choose my sample set from a variety of sets, and I chose the set "Coffee Shop" that consisted of three candles in the scents "Coffee", "Hazelnut", and "Chai Tea". Read on to see what I thought about them!

From first glance, I instantly was attracted by the package design of the box the candles came in, as well as the candles themselves. I'm a sucker for sleek, attractive, cute, classic designs that just fit the product and clearly expresses what the brand is about. According to the company: 

"These candle gift sets each contain 3 different scented candles. Each candle burns clean and even for 20 hours. Hand-poured in the USA with natural soy wax, self-trimming wicks, and premium fragrance oils. Each gift set is themed around a group of related fragrances. So everyone is sure to find something perfect for every occasion, every room in the house, and all the special someones in your life."
There are several other themed sets you can choose from:

Fall Harvest: Pumpkin Spice, Cranberry, Autumn Leaves
Happy Holidays: Christmas Tree, Candy Cane, Gingerbread
Winter Wonderland: Hot Cocoa, Roasted Chestnut, First Snow
Romance: Rose Petals, Champagne, Dark Chocolate
Fresh & Clean: Lemongrass, Olive Blossom, Fresh Linen
Spa Day: Cucumber, Lemongrass, Green Tea
Vacation: Sea Breeze, Hawaiian Lei, Awapuhi
Coffee Shop: Coffee Bean, Hazelnut, Chai Tea
Man Cave: Straight Razor, Leather, Mahogany
High as a Kite: Cannabis, Incense, Bag O' Cookies
New Born Baby: Baby Powder, Baby Shampoo, First Blanket
50 Shades: Leather, Vanilla Sex, Jasmine Bubbles
As a child, my mom always had candles around the house for decoration and to also keep the house smelling fresh. I never cared for them, but I guess the constant presence of candles throughout my life seeped in to my own preferences of home decor that now I just want to collect candles! These candles couldn't enter my life at a better moment! Before lighting them, each candle already had a pleasant aroma that matched fairly well with each description (according to my younger sister, Hazelnut smelled more like a vanilla than hazelnut, but I personally like the candle's smell). After lighting the candles, they gave off a subtle scent, and if you let them burn long enough, when you reenter your room, the smell is reminiscent of a coffee shop. This set came at a great time- coffee, nutty smells give me that warm, cozy feeling and remind me that the holidays are near and that I can just cuddle in layers of blankets. I would genuinely recommend this product to anyone looking for some new candles to add to their room or as a gift suggestion for the holidays! 

If you are interested, you can order your own set (and maybe one for a friend~) at this link:

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