Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Joyous Journeys: Philippines Day 12

July 22, 2014
BEWARE: This blog post is quite food-heavy. So if you have not yet had a meal today, I suggest snacking on something or cooking something right after this because you might just get a bit hungry. While vacationing, EVERYDAY is a foodie day, but this day in particular seemed quite spectacular now that I'm looking over these pictures…Click to read more to see all the mouth-watering dishes I had!

Before I headed off to Hong Kong, I made sure to ask my friend (who has travelled there practically every summer) where to go, and she suggested the cheapest Michelin starred restaurant. Because of time constraints and the business of the branch in HK, my family and I were only able to get a take-out order of their sweet pork buns (which were still deliciously fresh and warm)! Then several days later, while spending lunch with my dad's side of the family, my older cousin mentioned a restaurant he recommended. I made him repeat it, and YES! It was Tim Ho Wan that I heard! I totally forgot there was a branch here in Manila! So my family decided to make sure to stop by and actually sit in to eat, so we planned to take out my mom's youngest sister when she came over to visit us.
I was actually scared about the possible ridiculous wait, since we were arriving as it was opening for lunch, and there was a line already, with the infamous stools because people do wait that long they have to sit. But the line moved fairly quickly and we were inside no more than fifteen minutes in line! And I suppose the relatively short wait was worth it, to say I ate at a Michelin starred restaurant! Plus, just look at the food. They were delicious (dim sum is fun and I'm a sucker for the steamed dumplings and noodles), but I'm not craving for this specific restaurant's recipes back home in America. 
I wish I remembered all the names of each of the dishes! If you know them, it would be great if you could comment below what they are! :)
Later that day, we met up with my other aunt (their other sister) and her daughter (one of my younger cousins) before we headed off to Greenhills, a place where there are endless amount of stalls with vendors selling a variety of clothes, accessories, electronics, and knickknacks. These vendors are vying for your attention so that you may make them a sale for the day, and can be quite persistent (but not as aggressive as in Hong Kong)!
After a couple hours going through the rows of stalls, our family ate dinner together and ended up at a Filipino-cuisine restaurant. 
After an incredibly long day of family-time, my parents, sister, and I headed back to where we were staying. My dad was still on the lookout for a place to get a foot massage, and due to a friend's request, we ended up here. It was a cute little place and was not very busy. Also, an awkwardly inappropriate The Wolf of Wall Street was playing on the television in the foot massage room my mom, sister, and I were in. I still have yet to see that film from start to finish. (FYI: massages/manis and pedis are much cheaper in the Philippines than in America, so it's always fun to treat ourselves and take advantage of this fact while we were here).

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