Thursday, April 24, 2014

Loving Love

Today was an emotional roller coaster. Not for me personally, but I witnessed all my loved ones at various stages in their lives. From high up and cheerful, giving me warmth and love inside to just see them smile, to the lows and making me want to scoop out all my love for them and show them they truly are appreciated and important and valuable and precious and loved and important. All these small interactions with the people I love, impacted me so greatly today. They all got me thinking in different directions, feeling a range of emotions, and wanting to do things for them, but not sure how. I want to be in all places at once, but know that I cannot and I just settle for staying in my comfort zone. But no, there is something bubbling up inside me, and I want to make sure I start showing my appreciation for those I love, even if it is in my own small way. Love and appreciation can go a long way. So forcing out a smile, even if I'm tired, giving out hugs, even if I'm in a daze with my life, or just sending a text to check up on people can make all the difference. Make the effort. Spread the love.

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