Wednesday, April 2, 2014

BrandBacker: Studio Gear's Hydrating CC Cream

I'm an avid user of BB Cream, so when I started hearing about CC Creams, I was skeptical. However, upon further research, I was curious in how CC Creams worked. Fortunately, Studio Gear allowed me to test their Hydrating CC Cream, in the shade Natural with SPF 20. 

CC Cream stands for Color Correcting Cream, and is supposed to be different from BB Cream in that it is lighter and more "fluffier", like a somewhat whipped texture. My personal experience with BB Cream is that it is like a light foundation, but heavier than tinted moisturizer. CC Cream is supposed to help with color correcting your skin, such as combatting redness. 
As the product is first applied, it comes out as an off-white color.
After blending the product into my skin, it began to match my skin tone. However, it did not seem to showcase any coverage. The consistency is of a non-greasy moisturizer, which felt great on the skin. However, if you are looking for good coverage to hide blemishes, this would not be the product for you. If you want more of a moisturizing product, and you already have fairly healthy skin, this will probably suffice on days you want to go for a more natural look.
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