Wednesday, March 12, 2014

I Wear Your Grandpa's Clothes

January 31, 2014
Top: thrifted || Sweater: Dad's || Jeans: Urban Outfitters || Scarf: gift || Shoes: Doc Martens || Wallet: gift

I remember that this week was a stressful, crazy week, and that this thrift trip was what got me through it all. I had something to look forward to, and the day finally arrived. Apparently my friend (and date for the day) couldn't agree more. We were so excited and just drooled over the image of tables upon tables of sweaters just calling out our names. 
As soon as we walked in, we headed straight towards the tables and racks of sweaters that were awaiting us. Our arms got heavy full of sweaters within the first ten minutes or so of perusing the racks, so we went back to the front of the store to get the cutest rolling basket/cart contraptions (more stores need this). After we depleted the back section of the store, we headed back to the front to look over the racks we overlooked. And surprisingly unlike last year, I found more in the front than in the back, and soon my basket was overfilling that I was embarrassed to walk around. I kid you not, every time I rolled that cart around, I could see from my peripheral vision and sense on my back, people's eyes staring at me and my embarrassingly, ridiculously tall pile of sweaters. But hey, 99 cents a pop, I'm going to live through the temporary shame. 
Since my sister couldn't go thrifting back home, I decided to pick up a few pieces for her as well. You're welcome. Best sister award goes to...
My pile is in front of me, while my friend's cart is on my right side (as a reader, your left). 
My haul. Each came to 99 cents each. I only left with three or four sweaters last year, so I knew I had to take advantage of the best sale for sweaters ever and stock up for the winter. 
After about two hours of hard work sifting through endless racks, my friend and I built up an appetite and decided upon a Korean x Mexican fusion little shack. 
And randomly hit up Ikea on the way back home. 
For our final stop, we walked around downtown, shared stories in the loft of a bookstore, and I successfully treated her to some ice cream as thanks for driving me around all day (sad life of having no car and not having the best driving skills). 
That night I got to hang out with another friend that I never get to see because of our busy college lives.  Dinner was some real ramen (and none of that packaged stuff) and ended the night with catching up over sweet froyo. It's always a treat to just hang out with friends, one-on-one. I value these moments of connections and getting to know people on a deeper level, away from the setting of the chaotic school life.  

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