Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Downtown Dining

February 7, 2014 
Sleeveless turtleneck: thrifted || Cardigan: thrifted ||Shorts: Aeropostale || Tights: Cotton On || Boots: Doc Martens || Circle scarf: New York and Company

Finally visited home, and first thing once we arrived was eat out. Courtesy of my sister's "Places to Eat" bucket list. 
 Courtesy of my best friend, I received a new book to add to my summer reading list. Apparently they were giving these for free on campus. I didn't give it much thought, but was curious about the author so I quickly looked it up. Apparently the author has this mission to share his art with the world, and does so by giving it away for free. I admire this selflessness and generosity, and hope to one day become affluent enough to make some kind of impact on the world myself. Can't wait to delve into this piece.  

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