Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Trimmed to the Truth

December 6, 2013
 Thanks to an amazing, hardworking young lady who I am so proud to call my friend, I was able to give my hair some tender loving care. I decided that if I wanted to grow out my hair, I had to treat my hair with some respect. So I knew it was time for a trim. After not cutting it for two and a half years, this grown out pixie cut needed to get its dead ends removed. 
Thank you D.C. for the trim! It was a lovely way to just catch up with you, since I know you're a busy bee.
Top: Forever 21 || Vest: thrifted || Scarf: H&M 
I almost changed my mind last minute to not go because the gloomy, bone-chilling weather was not at all welcoming or fit for a night out. However, I decided to just go with it because I haven't seen her in a while and we haven't had a one-on-one girl talk session in ages. 

Definitely the best decision. This night was exactly what I needed before finals. 

We did some catching up as she picked me up from my apartment and she trimmed my hair. The usual: how our classes are going, how we've been keeping busy with our extracurriculars, "juicy/scandalous" subjects, and so on. 

Before we went out, she decided to twin with me, so she threw on her own denim top, scarf, and trapper hat. We definitely looked adorbs as we walked into the restaurant. 
Since she already ate before we left, we shared calamari and a plate of pad thai, Lady and the Tramp  style (well not EXACTLY in that manner). Then poured our souls out to each other and exchanged life advice to soothe our minds. And of course giggles and laughs were sprinkled throughout our deep conversations. 

After chatting with her, I remembered how much inspiration I get from the empowering leaders I've witnessed on campus (including her), who are even more inspiring to me because they are females of color. They never get enough credit, as much as their male counterparts. Despite the fire and passion they have for what they fight for, many people do not seem to notice. But I have and I will continue to do so, and hope that others begin to take notice of underrated leaders in their own communities. 

Take some time out of your life, no more than five minutes, to think about someone you have found to be inspiring to you, or a quality of someone's that you find admirable. Then go thank that person and show how much you appreciate them. Call, text, Facebook message, write a letter. Just reach out and let them know your appreciation for their existence and hard work. It's more than likely they will appreciate this token of gratitude, because that is what they've hoped to do: to have hopefully reached out and touched one person through their activism. 

My good friend who graciously trimmed my hair, despite her incredibly packed and busy schedule, is one of those strong, hard working, caring, wonderful, and "feisty" individuals that I've come to look up to. I am extremely blessed to have met her and to be considered her friend. Love you Pseudo/Honorary Big!
And to really make this an official Girls' Night Out, we had to purchase ice cream and cookies after dinner. 

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