Wednesday, December 4, 2013


Beauty. Fashion. Style. Popularity.
Judgement. Favoritism. Hierarchy.
Self-hatred. Insecurity. Depression.


I just realized, as I was sitting inside a classroom building before class started, obediently studying for my last History of Interior Architecture quiz of the quarter, that I want to write.

I want to add substance to this blog.

Yes, my initial goal of this blog was to challenge myself in terms of fashion. However, my higher education and past experiences has made this fire to bubble up inside of me that I need to get out into the real world. I don't want to only share my passion for style, but also the thoughts and knowledge I continue to learn in college and from life itself.

I have always wanted to share my inner thoughts about controversial, important, taboo topics, but always felt hindered by these social standards I felt I had to adhere to. However, I cannot be silenced anymore. This fire has escaped me and hopefully will illuminate and shed some light on certain topics I find need to be discussed. Just some of the many things I have this need to write about:

1. Disgusting ideals of beauty that society has created, and in turn, harming the youth
2. Double standards 
3. Young womyn should not be the only ones expected to be chaste in relationships. Young men should watch themselves and have restraint. Making a baby is a two way street. 
4. Pursuing passions vs. pursuing your parents' passions
5. Future in the arts: is it stable or stupid?
6. Finding yourself

Alright. That should be enough to get off my chest until finals are over next week (or unless something gets me riled up that I must post before or during finals). 

Until the next post, I hope you find your own unconventional bliss. 

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