Sunday, May 12, 2013

Pre-Mothers' Day

Top: Charlotte Russe || Overalls: Forever 21 || Tights: American Eagle Outfitters || Purse: Urban Outfitters || High top sneakers: Cotton On (borrowed from sister)

Pre-Mothers' Day Celebration with the parents. Felt classy and fancy eating brunch at such a well-designed restaurant. Of course, I just had to order some smoked salmon. Bagel + cream cheese + smoked salmon = heaven in my mouth.

Parents shared some pizza.

 Dropped off Mom at work, so the night was spent with Dad and Sister. Sis did my hair, since she is a pro at braiding and just hates how my hair is getting longer but I leave it as a mop on my head.

Went out for dinner. Planned on going to a burger place, but saw the line going out the door, and decided to go healthy and eat at the vegan restaurant right next door. Ordered a "crab" cake burger.

Sister had a portobello mushroom burger. She was so surprised that the mushroom WAS the patty.

Dad had a "chicken" wrap.

For dessert, Dad wanted to use his coupon for a free greek yogurt. I could only handle a bite from the sample size (darn my intolerance to lactose), and it was so delicious but I had to savor that one bite or else I would regret it the whole night.

Going home this weekend for Mothers' Day was great. Got to update myself on what's been happening at home and eat out with family. Hope everyone's Mothers' Day was well spent!


  1. Love the print with those tights! You look cute.

    Kate from Clear the Way

  2. Aw, thank you so much! Hope your Mothers Day went well!