Monday, May 6, 2013

Haul: Clothes Encounters Closet Sale

The pieces I purchased at Jenn Im's closet sale a couple weeks ago.

This first piece is a sheer, black and white spotted collared top. Definitely a great basic to have. Can be dressed up or down. A great piece to add to my collection of collared tops, because you can never have too many.

This crochet vest popped out at me because I've been wanting to add another vest to my wardrobe. This  one is great because it can add a quick touch of Bohemian to any look. A perfect layering piece, and it's as simple as slipping it on.

This last piece I was actually hesitant to purchase. I grabbed it because 1) It's the perfect, simple black blazer that can be paired with almost anything and everything 2) The red sticker indicated it was only $5 (I was actually dubious about the price, because, $5. For this treasure?!) and 3) Jenn Im owned this. I decided I couldn't leave without it because of the previously stated reasons.

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