Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Third Time's the Charm

Darn, I missed my blog's birthday by ONE day. 


As of September 14, 2015, Unconventional Bliss is officially 3 years old. That's right. T-H-R-E-E. 3. Tatlo (3 in Tagalog)

It's surreal how this blog has grown and evolved from my first blog post when I thought this would be a piece of cake, but in fact, I had no idea what I was doing. However, within those three years, I realized this is not to please anyone in particular. This has grown into a very personal project for me, to share with others who may be interested in my own unconventional interests. This has allowed me to learn a little more about myself in terms of my style, my writing voice, and my passions. It also has given me a unique sort of confidence I never would have gained from public speaking classes. I also established incredible connections and gained new friends by being a part of this fashion blogging community. I've had the most growth and change for my blog and myself this past year. As I'm entering a momentous period in my school career, I have a notion that major growth will result. Whether that pertains to my blog, my job, or myself, we all will have to wait and see. Until next year. 

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