Tuesday, August 23, 2016

BrandBacker: Studio Gear Cosmetic's Mineral Foundation Product Review

This year has been a makeup experimentation year, where I have tested out different foundations, tried out a few eyeliner brands (and still searching for my holy grail), and played with a ridiculous amount of lipsticks (but I mean really, who can have too many lip products?) 

Now that school is over and summer is here, I have even more time to experiment. All school year I have been using my holy grail liquid foundation, CoverGirl's Outlast Stay Fabulous 3-in-1 Foundation, SPF 20. This year I have darker acne scars so liquid foundation provided me with the coverage I wanted. Before that, I swore by Bare Escentuals' bare minerals foundation and loved the light, even, natural coverage it gave me. I may slowly ease back to mineral foundation after testing out Studio Gear's product!

Studio Gear Cosmetics recently sent over some products for me to play with
  • Revitalizing Day Serum
  • #3 Domed Foundation Brush
  • Dual Identity Mineral Wet and Dry Foundation, in the shade Sand

I have worn the mineral foundation as a dry powder foundation twice, and had no irritation. I did my usual routine of moisturizer then sunblock, before applying the dry foundation with a fluffy brush. I did 2-3 applications because I have darker scars, and surprisingly the overall finish was great. I didn't apply concealer just to see the coverage this foundation had, and it definitely provides light coverage for me, as my scars still were apparent. However, the foundation still provided a natural, even finish to my face. Next time, I'll try it out again with concealer to see if I can replace my liquid foundation with a mineral one for a more everyday look.
The above photo shows the powder as a dry foundation on my wrist.
I still have yet to try it as a wet foundation, but when mixed with the serum on my arm, I was surprised and pleased with the result. I first applied a dime-sized amount of the serum on my arm, then picked up the powder with the dome brush and mixed it into the serum. I continued to blend with the brush until I got the desired blended effect (as seen in the above image). I was surprised by how smooth, light, and even the coverage was on my wrist. I will probably continue to play with varying amounts of serum to the amount of powder to get different consistencies of liquid and differing amounts of coverage (light and watery vs. heavy and thick). 

I also have yet to test out and see if the serum has any effects on my skin, as it promises on the box to "visibly diminish fine lines and wrinkles and insulate skin from premature aging factors" and "enhances make-up application and finish". When rubbed into my arm, I felt a silky smooth finish, and not oily or greasy at all. It seems like something I would put in addition to my moisturizer if I wanted to use this as a typical serum to hydrate my skin.

From what I've experienced so far, I would compare the foundation with the Bare Escentuals bare minerals foundation. Both are similar in price as well as coverage, finish, and quality. Overall, I am quite pleased and happy with these products, and hope to transition back to mineral foundation soon!

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All opinions are my own. Products received free from Studio Gear Cosmetics.
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