Monday, August 18, 2014

JGL, My One and Only

 June 4, 2014
For one of my Design classes, focused on Form and Color Theory, I had to create a book of a theme of my choice for my final project of the Spring Quarter. I had to stray away from the common (ex: Disney, among other things), so I wondered, what would be unique but something I found interest in? The answer? My creative soul mate: Joseph Gordon-Levitt.  

Read on to view the finished book!

(Note: the above photo with the unfinished cutout of a man in a pink shirt is of JGL's brother, Burning Dan. Of course, I had to create a page in memory of his beloved brother. Rest in peace Dan Gordon-Levitt). 

I wondered, what could I fill an accordion book with to make it dedicated to the wonderful JGL, without picture after picture of his face? Well, I decided, what better way than to show some of his well-known work in a sort of timeline-like manner. From his childhood lead role in Angels in the Outfield to his (at the time) latest work providing his voice for the lead character in the English dubbed As The Wind Rises, I dedicated each page to what I felt were pieces of his work that most of the public recognizes and associates with him. Of course, I also wanted to include his more obscure work, such as in Mysterious Skin and Manic, but I wanted my book to be a piece in which almost everyone who knows of JGL would understand when they read through my book. 
As I was planning each page, I knew I wanted the whole book to have a cohesive look throughout, so I stuck with simple silhouettes and text, as well as a color scheme of black, white, and red (to go with the HitRecord colors). Hopefully you all enjoyed my dedication to JGL as much as I did when I was making it (and by some miracle, I hope he sees this too)! 

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