Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Twenties Club

May 27, 2014
The day I joined a new decade...

Wrapped within a graham cracker box, within a chocolate box, I find my housemates' birthday gift to me. They are too much. Thank you for my first luxurious eye shadow palette, I've been wanting a UD Naked Palette for years!
I'm obviously stoked that I had a full day of classes from 11am - 9pm on my birthday. But no hard feelings- I had the classes I really liked that day, plus a film screening to end the day for my film studies class. 
Photo credit: G. O.
Photo credits: G.O.
After all my classes were over, my lil sib treated me to dinner before my film screening that night. And my twin sib treated me to an Icee to enjoy during our film, because it "completes the experience".
 I had two dear friends drop by later that night to surprise me with delicious cupcakes and some quality time. Thank you D. C. and J. A. <3
Thanks G. T. for your freebie sticker, the words mean a lot ^_^
Oh gosh thanks M. D. for your sweet lemonade and even sweeter card! Every word meant a lot, thank you for being YOU.
Thank you big sib for dropping by to give me my gift/finals care package. Always much appreciated, and I am definitely excited to dive into that book!
Thanks K. Z. for your random letter and gift card. I'm treasuring it until I find something REALLY good at the store. 

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