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Add Some Sass(afras)

 April 5, 2014
Runway photos courtesy of the SFA photographers.
What an experience that I am blessed to have been able to be a part of. Nowhere in a million years would I ever have thought of modeling in a fashion show (my incredible stage fright has been a battle I am gradually beating throughout college). Read on to found out what happened that night (Long post for an eventful day)!
To have been chosen for this opportunity is amazing in itself. I am grateful because in what other setting than a school fashion show would a girl my shape, height, weight, or size be allowed to model in an actual fashion show? Just one of the many reasons why I love college, with all of its events, organizations, and opportunities open to all. 
After going through a fashion show not just as an audience member, but as an actual model, I have a newfound respect for the fashion modeling industry. From the organization of the actual event, to going to fittings, hair and makeup, practicing your unique strut, and actually going down the runway with an audience was all so surreal. Fortunately, everyone I encountered was incredibly patient, kind, and friendly, making the whole experience that much more enjoyable. And since we were all college students, modeling for fun, it shouldn't have been a surprise to hear that other girls had the same inexperience and fear of going down the runway, but many of the girls had never done this before, which was a common denominator for us all. In some ways, our lack of modeling, bonded us together as we all practiced and critiqued each other's strut. The quickly formed camaraderies behind the scenes were amazing to witness as each girl was supporting each other before we all had to go down the runway.  
This was the first outfit I wore down the runway (and I must say, my favorite of the two that I wore that night). 
Not gonna lie. Modeling in itself is quite easy. But modeling well and successfully, well that's a whole other story. Models, I have much respect and newfound empathy. 
My fitting group. I was quite nervous about meeting you three, and if we would even talk to each other, but how amazing that we were all put together! We clicked so well and got so comfortable with each other, which made everything go much more smoothly and more fun than I would have ever imagined. 
And how can you have a fashion show without feeding the models PIZZA. I didn't eat since breakfast (mind you, I had a late, and hefty breakfast), so when I finally bit into that pizza at the end of the night, I realized how hungry I was. Walking around and changing into clothes can be quite tiring and deserving of some comfort food. 
Thank you to my wonderful friends for coming out to support me! Love ya <3
And of course, late night vanities. I loved my fishtail braid and the curls after!
Finally, after weeks of knowing I won my school's ASOS giveaway, I got my prize! Thank you for selecting me, I love everything!

What an experience I will never forget (and how great is it for me to be able to tell my grandchildren, I WAS A MODEL ONCE). 

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