Friday, February 14, 2014

Listen to the Silence: Art and Activism

January 18, 2014
Listen to the Silence: Art and Activism
Stanford University
This day was long-awaited. I love going to retreats or conferences because they are filled with workshops, speakers, and activities in which I will walk away with immense amount of knowledge and inspiration. And wow was I right. I knew, when I heard about this event months prior, I would benefit and enjoy because it combined two things I am currently passionate about: Asian American identity/activism and Art. I was able to attend three incredibly valuable workshops, listen to three outrageously inspirational keynote speakers, and have the experience of a lifetime to be among other intelligent peers who felt as passionately as I did about art and activism. 
Lunch time.
More sneak peaks of the beautiful Stanford campus.
Dinner time before the concert.
Art by Artist Nidhi Chanani of (who was also our last keynote speaker).
What was in the back of all our minds: the concert! Of course the whole day was absolutely amazing, but to relax and have fun from the heavy information we learned that day, was the concert with talented Asian American artists (from cultural dances, to choir groups, to celebrities)!
Above: photo credits: L.C.
Singer Kylee of who is also a second year Stanford student!
Youtube artist J.R. Aquino. Front row and center (ok third row and center, but I'd argue best seats in the house). *swoon*
The end results of the beautiful collaborative artwork. 
A long awaited and hyped up drink. I recommend this flavor (Almond Honey), but I don't know if I would drive all the way back here and wait in line for it again. But no doubt, it was a delicious bona experience. 
One of the workshops allowed us to reclaim misrepresented and oppressed identities through blackout poetry. Here is my own blackout poetry:

I'm looking for me tonight.
I'm an asian princess
They call me jasmine gunpowder
I'm looking for me tonight.
She a celebration to the nation
I got my faith
I ain't asian sensation
I'll show you
I'm looking for me tonight.

The whole day was activity-filled and full of inspiration and knowledge that I am blessed and fortunate to have experienced for myself. There were so many strong keynote speakers as well as students who inspired me and motivated me to want to be my own best leader and best person I can become. All I need is passion, belief in myself, and remembrance to fight for what I believe in.  

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