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September 21, 2013
Before my summer officially ended and I had to return to the land of lectures and midterms (a.k.a. "That College Life"), I just HAD to take advantage of my sister's free pass to an art museum. I haven't perused through a museum in the longest time, and I was itching to be inspired by other artists, especially since I am studying design.
It was definitely a worthwhile experience. I expected to just see paintings and traditional fine art pieces. However, it was great to walk through each piece and interact with some of them. Many incorporated multi media, which is brilliant for this time of day. One piece was one of the first I saw when I walked in, and I am just fascinated by it. It incorporated old video clips from China, music, projections, painting. To be able to experience how it was created, live in front of an audience, and to see its final production in the museum was so surreal.
Another one, pictured above, was another form of multi media. It took a traditional static form of entertainment, television or movies, and made it interactive and had a sense of motion. The way it was video-graphed made the viewers feel as if they were there in that scene. Everything about it was just refreshing, and gave me different perspectives of different landscapes. 
The whole experience was definitely worth it, and has given me a fresh new look at how I view the world. As cheesy as that sounds, it is extremely important as a future designer to constantly get inspired by other artists and see how they do things differently. To gain new, fresh perspectives allows me to keep my imagination and "inspiration bank" fresh and always growing. 
Top: Bayo || Cardigan: vintage || Pleather Jacket: Burlington || Maxi skirt: Forever 21 || Necklace: gift || Studded flats: Nine West 

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