Friday, June 21, 2013

Feeling Thrifty

June 14, 2013

Got together with K.E.L.I.A. for a thrift session. We all were on summer vacation and were all free...finally. 

Out of all of us, I was the only "thrifting veteran" so I was excited for the rest of the ladies since this would be their very first thrifting experience! We all ended up getting high waisted jeans from the boys' section (along with other pieces), with the plan that we would all cut them into high waisted shorts together.

Each of us paid no more than $4 for her jeans, and some ended up with amazing finds of Ralph Lauren and Levi's. 

Of course, before our mini DIY workshop, we had to be fed and watch a movie ("Identity Thief" was too hilarious) to relax after a hard day's work of sifting through racks upon racks of clothes. 

Weapon Tool of choice: X-acto knife and scissors.

After my shorts were simply cut and then folded, I helped the others by adding some flair. Tested out different shredding techniques, and ended up with an interesting effect on this pair. 

A great way to spend the day catching up with good old friends and family. The moms joked about how much work is actually put into just shredding the shorts, and that we should buy more next time to make a business out of this! Little do they know that this idea has been popular among fashion bloggers and fashion enthusiasts online and Instagram!

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